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I have always been very "sensitive" to suffering! I could feel another's pain just by seeing their face. I feel sad, when I see so many birds sitting on the telephone wires, looking for food and I know most of them won't get enough to eat today. Yes, of course, many human beings will go hungry today, too! I wanted to create a website that inspired "good feelings" inside myself and others, rather than all the pain, suffering and horrible things that go on in our World today. This is my attempt to bring "goodness" into my life on the WWW.


     About Joan

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My name is Joan McNutt. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Sept – Dec 2010, I took an on–line Website Development Course: (NSCC)  My instructor: (Michelle McCurdy).  I was amazed to see HTML and CSS created in Notepad++ Editor, uploaded to the WWW via Filezilla (FTP) turn into beautiful webpages. Website development has now become my new passion in Life!

I work in an office by day, do some "Webbing" before and after. I spend most of my free time at home with my dog Girley. I have been interested in psychology all my life, how to get past the pain of growing up, not there yet! I believe that we are born innocent children, dependent upon various adults to protect us from evil and suffering, and to teach us Goodness! I want to spread this Goodness to others. Please feel free to join me in my pursuit.